alcoHELP is a charity that seeks to prevent alcohol abuse through information & education

Primarily, we aim to inform young people about how harmful alcohol is as a drug. Since 2005 nearly 100.000 children and young people in Essex have taken part in alcoHELP workshops and events, gaining a greater understanding of the consequential effects of alcohol, and the dangers of alcohol abuse.

By working in partnership with schools, the local police, councils and youth groups, alcoHELP provides children and young people with the facts about alcohol: its impact on the brain and the resulting effects on judgement, emotions, memory, balance, speech and anger levels.

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The Drinking Time Machine

Ever wondered what you would look like in ten years' time if you continued to drink alcohol regularly? It is not a pretty picture - our drinking time machine will give you a scary glimpse into the future!

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Our work in Schools

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We are proud to say that we have delivered our programmes to over 50,000 young people in Essex. Below is a map highlighting the schools we frequently work with.


News and Events

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Fines for selling alcohol to underage no longer capped

16 March 2015

Here at Alcohelp, we’re delighted that Magistrates have been given new powers to punish those selling alcohol to children, with fines expected to far exceed the previous cap of £5,000. 

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Family Drug and Alcohol Courts to go Nationwide

25 February 2015

The Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC), which was first set up in London in 2008 and rolled out to three other areas in 2013, is set to feature in family courts across four other counties. 

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