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Fundraising in Cambodia and Vietnam
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AlcoHELP continues to grow from strength to strength, working with young people to inform them about the dangers of substance abuse, especially alcohol.

As a charity, we certainly would not be so successful in developing our programmes without the support from trusts, foundations, private organisations and small donations from some of the venues we visit to cover our costs.

Some of AlcoHELP's 2014 awards and pending applications

Name                             Project               Appplication      Award

N.C.Social Concern   Drugs/Legal Highs       £5,000        £2,000
Essex Comm Fndn    Drugs/Legal Highs       £10,000      £5,000
Essex Fairways Tst      2Brite2Binge               £5,000        £5,000
Awards for All           Legal High Lowdown      £10,000     £10,000

To date, those funds have enabled us to reach over 75,000 young people in Essex with some fantastic results. But, we are aware that we have yet to reach thousands more.

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved in fundraising – either as an individual or an organisation, please email us on info@alcohelp.co.uk